Brightside is an independent floral design studio operating within the greater Denver area. We believe that flowers are the perfect way to celebrate life, love, and change. With the utilization of natural blooms and an extensive vocabulary of flora, we will collaborate with you to express your unparalleled story. Our profession relies on the health of our planet, respectively, we facilitate a working environment that creates as little waste as possible, only using materials that are safe for consumption that don’t negatively impact our shared environment. We use flowers that are in season and that come from local and U.S. growers whenever possible. 



I was born and raised here in the greater Denver area, and that is probably why I have so much admiration for this city. I have always wanted Brightside to become more than myself — an environment for floral design and storytelling to unite and thrive amidst this wonderful community around me. I truly enjoy working with my hands to discover unique compositions, and with floral arrangement at it’s center I know it is achievable. I am inspired by your stories, as each one is unique and inspiring, and it is with this unparalleled nature that my work can flourish. 

This can be an intimate process, and I would love to work closely with you, so here is a bit about me. I love dogs (all of them to be exact) but my main squeeze is my dachshund Atlas. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart Jacob, and I think I may operate solely on coffee. I love meeting new people and I never turn down a coffee date, so lets connect!




Brightside is a multi-faceted floral design studio offering wedding and event work, custom arrangements and rotating fresh-flower deliveries. 

Wedding & Event
Brightside offers completely custom floral design for your wedding or event. We will sit down for a consultation where we will learn more about your vision for floral design, and create a truly custom package for your event. No two events are alike, and we believe that means a pre-arranged floral design package just doesn’t cut it. Because pricing out floral design depends on many different variables we can’t provide an exact price that will fit all weddings, events, and other arrangements therefore we provide quotes upon request and after consultations. 

Flowers are a fantastic way to show someone that you love them, to celebrate life, to welcome change, or just to brighten up your space. Brightside creates custom flower arrangements for almost any occasion and we will deliver them by hand.

Rotating Deliveries
Brightside provides fresh weekly or biweekly deliveries for your home, restaurant or workplace. Inquire for more details.